Conversion rate optimization

If your business is attracting customers, CRO is a feature you need to consider. CRO can be the most effective way to lead your visitors into customers.

Conversion rate optimization, also known as CRO, is the process you follow to make your website or marketing campaign, for example, more efficient and helps drive your readers into becoming qualifying leads.

Conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of visitors by the number of visitors and multiplying that number by 100 to get your percentage. 

The conversion rate can vary on many elements. It can go off the copywriting you have used, is it persuasive, is it too long, too short, or simply just not put together correctly to fit the advertisement or web page. It can go off the design; is it appealing, does it draw people in, or do you need your website to become smarter and more creative. There are many features to CRO, and we specialize in helping you with all these features and bring your brand alive.

Features that can help gain good CRO


The homepage or your website is the first meeting, and like humans, we want the first impression of your business or website to be a good and memorable one. First impressions are vital and will help to draw visitors to your web page and also want them to explore more and want to get to know you and your products. 


A blog can also be a very good source for converting readers into leads. This is a chance for you as a business to share news, achievements and become relatable with your customers. Including a Call to action (CTO) within your blog can help re-direct readers to other pages and advertising within your site; this could be a signup form or a product you’re selling. A good blog comes with good copywriting, which is a service we specialize in. Creating interesting and creative content people want to read is vital within your blog sections and your whole site.

Pricing Page

The pricing page is an important part of your website. CRO can help convert visitors into customers from your pricing page alone. Make sure your pricing page is designed simply for your visitors. Describe each product, so your visitors know what they are receiving and how it is cost-effective to them and break pricing into intervals. This could be a package, a one-off price, or monthly and yearly pricing; it gives customers adding extras and options to choose from. Customers are more likely to shop with you if they have more freedom and flexibility options to choose from.

Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone page that has been created for consumers to land on after clicking a CTO. A landing page is designed for people to take action and built to serve. They can be optimized and designed with different content to persuade visitors to download or buy said products and services. 

If your business is attracting customers, CRO is a feature you need to consider. CRO can be the most effective way to lead your visitors into customers.

Advantages and benefits

CRO can help you as a business to understand your customers more, get you more customers, increase sales, increase website profit and also reduce risks, and add to your email marketing list. 

How we can help

Our team of trained experts can use CRO to create persuasive and creative text within your blogs and web pages, add lead flows and call to action where needed. We can run tests on your landing pages, optimize high-performing blog posts, articles, and landing pages and turn your online presence into a qualified marketing lead.