Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing source. When we say everyone does Affiliate marketing, we mean everyone! All businesses, from big scale to small scale, take part in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where people promote your products by sharing the content and the links to said products and landing pages. If the product gets bought from the sharing of this particular link, the link is tracked, and the person who has shared receives a percentage of the product cost.


An example of a big scale business that achieves affiliate marketing successfully is amazon. Their affiliate marketing is known as Amazon associates. Amazon has an invite section people can sign up to and promote certain products within their market. The associate promoting will share the links, that link is then tracked by cookies, and if sold within 24 hours, the associate who shared the link in which it was bought receives a percentage of the sold product. It is a win-win solution for both merchants and affiliates. 


Affiliate marketing is performance-based, and you only give compensation if a product is bought, making it cost-effective. It can boost your reputation, increase your traffic, increase sales, widen your audience, and increase investment with positive outcomes. 

Why Us

We will help create and produce a custom Affiliate marketing strategy that proves high performing for your business. We will take care of the set up, the recruitment, audience insights, measure success, and we will make sure the associates sharing your content are powerful and suit your business and brand.