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We aim to be a single platform that brings all your business needs to one place. In comes our photography and video services.

We provide full video productions and photography services to enhance your digital marketing presence, advertising campaigns, and all the other services on the never-ending list. This service can add value too.

Steps to your video production and photography

When we say we do video production and photography, we don’t just mean we set a day, a time, a place, and turn up and shoot and hope for the best. No, no, no, there are many steps we take to ensure your productions are adding value to your brand. 

First, we find out what you want to achieve from said productions and what your ultimate goals are; these goals should be 






We will then research your target audience and find out who they are, what they like, and what engages and interests them. You will find all your advertising and campaigns all come down to what your audience will like and engage with, so it is very crucial in knowing all these facts and fantasies about your audience.

Decide on a core message. How do you want your audience to feel and think, and what is your plan of action from the production? Do you want them to sign up for something? Do you want them landing on a certain page? Or is to promote the sale of a certain product or campaign. 

From your core message and all of the above, we will start creating a master plan and a strategy. We will include things such as how we will target your relevant audience, where and how we will distribute the video or images, and what the budget and time frame is. 

Once the master plan and strategy are done, we can get started on the creative side. Creating a concept, producing a storyboard we can all follow, and then finally get round to planning and scheduling your shoot. 

We will shoot your footage or images following the master plan, strategy, and storyboard we had earlier produced and make it a fun, high-quality, and high-performing day for all involved. 

Post production

After the shoot, we will then get onto editing the footage and images to a high-quality, making them visually interesting,including any CTA’s and all will be handled by our highly trained and skilled team members. 

Advantages and benefits 

87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and it is known to boost conversion rates and sales. Both Images and videos provide a good return for your business and are more likely to get shares and build trust, along with the big fact that Google loves a video. Images and videos can be essential in creating eye-catching material that grabs people’s attention and leaves them wanting more. 

How we can help

There are a lot of things to factor in when you’re planning a production, as you can see for yourselves from the previous brief insight into our planning and product process. You need to have a strategy, the who, the what, the why. What do you want your content to do, who do you want to engage with your content, and why are you filming this specific thing? Is it going to cater to your audience by informing them, educating them, or bringing them to tears of laughter?

Our bright, enthusiastic, and high skilled Production team will work alongside you to tailor all the needs to you and your business and guarantee you desired high-quality results in your video creations and photos at a price that suits you. We handle all pre production and post production tasks and ensure the highest quality all round, while telling your brand story and sticking to your core identity. 

How can we help you?

Our creative team at BrandifyUs will fulfil all your branding, design and digital marketing needs.

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