Icons & Illustration

Icons and Illustrations are used to visualize important content and are a new modern popular style.

An Icon represents the main icon of a feature, and an Illustration can spread brand awareness with just clear and creative Illustrations.


There are so many fantastic Illustration campaigns out there now, as it has become increasingly popular for brands trying to pull away from the ordinary and think outside the box.

Fanta created a Fanta mashup, which illustration was used in. Fanta and Illustrators teamed up for this project and the result did not disappoint. You can see the Fanta mashup piece here.

Kuoni also had a great Illustrating campaign advertising for their 2016 high end travel brochure. Kuoni, too, wanted to break away from the ordinary and having always used images, wanted to try something new. Then come along their premium product brochure of the most desirable locations, take a look for yourself.

Advantages and benefits 

Icons and illustration are far from the ordinary, if anything it shouts creativity—after all, it is this style of advertising. It is cost effective to your brand, visually simplest a message and a concept, drives traffic to your products, and can help increase shares and sales. 

How we can help

Icons and Illustrations are powerful marketing tools and are taking the nation by storm. They add personality and character and are created uniquely to your brand. We can provide high-quality icons and Illustrations for your next project and make you stand out from the crowd while representing and complimenting your brand. These tolls are timeless and can be used time and time again. Choose Icons and Illustrations and watch your wildest dreams come to life. 

How can we help you?

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